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    Warehouse Management System

    Integrated and cloud-based warehouse management system to scale up warehouse efficiency and accuracy.

    Integrated Warehouse Management Features

    Manage Multiple Warehouses Centrally

    Multi-warehouse inventory management ensures that data from all your warehouse & ordering systems are synchronised and updated in real-time.

    Mobile app support

    Warehouse Management System comes with Mobile App for tracking, POD & MIS etc, and free OTA updates to keep up with technology trends

    Pre-integrated accounting system

    An accounting system that allows you to automate many accounting functions including payments processing, expense management and more

    Customer Portal

    With Warehouse Management System get access to a dedicated customer portal to give the liberty to your customers to book, track and raise purchase orders by enhancing the customer experience.

    Multiple Inventory reports

    The multiple inventory reports enable your business to track inventory across all of your stock locations, warehouses, or distribution centers.

    Complete Tracking of Inventories

    Keep total track of your inventories even if they are from multiple warehouses.

    Bar Code Generation and Scanning

    Fully support external hardware to keep your business flow smooth. Barcode printers and scanners are fully supported so that you can manage everything on a single dashboard.

    Key Attributes of Logix WMS

    WMS for 3PL companies

    Logix Platform provides an advanced WMS that allows you to manage multiple customers across different billing schedules and to provide real-time information.

    Manage eCommerce return process

    With logix WMS, easily manage your customer’s eCommerce return while reducing processing and logistics costs.

    Supports Omnichannel

    With Logix WMS, easily and effectively manage your orders from multiple
    sources (ecom portal, POS, customer return) in a single platform.

    Integrated with Logistics Management System

    Logix WMS is integrated with a comprehensive Logistics Management System for handling your last-mile delivery process.

    Accounting and Financial Management
    with Logix WMS

    Logix Warehouse Management System contains strong accounting tools which cater to all of your important financial planning.
    It can help you manage all processes including accounts payable, accounts receivable, billing and invoicing.

    General Ledger

    Automated Billing & Transactions

    Compliance Reporting


    Purchase Order

    Custom Reports

    WMS Integrations

    Warehouse Management System is built for integration and offers vast options to integrate with the existing systems. The solution supports integration with host enterprise resource planning (ERP), and supply chain solutions (SCS).

    Data can be sent and received using industry best practice web services and XML. These integration points can easily be leveraged by material handling equipment vendors to build integrations for automated warehouses.

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